Nacelle Electrique Camone Gravity Life 3d Coin90

Monday, 26 June 2017
Nacelle Electrique Camone Gravity Life 3d Coin90
Nacelle Electrique Camone Gravity Life 3d Coin90 include on categorie Appareil-photos

Ban the shaky video recording!
Takin' vids by your mobile is simple and easy going - even clips by a mobile become pro, using the CamOne Gravity Life Stick for an excellent balance while recording. Different modes allow an individual following, the top joystick additionally moves the mobile smoothly up, down, left and right.

Technical Data:

260 x 123 x 80 mm
478 g with battery
11.1 V Li-Ion 1500mAh (changeable)
Operation temp.:
0°C up to 50°C

Compatible with:

iPhone 4 | 5 | 6, Galaxy S Series,
most Smartphones up to 5" (127mm) Displaysize

Content of the box:

CamOne Gravity Life 3D Handgimbal
11.1 V Li-Ion 1500mAh Battery
Soft Bag

Optional accessories:

Smartphone-Clamp up to 92mm (COIN90-G) for iphone 6+
Actioncam-Clamp (COIN90-F) for GoPro 3 | 3+ | 4 Series.
  • smooth and vibration-free video recording
  • solid construction, metal end stops
  • latest brushless motor technology,precise IMU 2.0 module
  • CamOneTec online catalog:
  • Product video:

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