Hoppediz Dublin Charpe Porte B B

Sunday, 25 June 2017
Hoppediz Dublin Charpe Porte B B
Hoppediz Dublin Charpe Porte B B include on categorie Puériculture
You can use our HOPPEDIZ baby slings with many carrying variants. The detailed and illustrated tying instructions supplied with each sling have been established together with the occupational therapist and carrying consultant Bettina Attenberger, and they are based on the knowledge of the Trageschule Dresden. The compact instructions show step by step how to tie our baby sling. The woven baby slings are woven in the special broken twill weave, and thus offer a particularly even stretchability in both diagonal directions. In this way, the sling adjusts perfectly to you and your baby, and it supports your baby's back. In doing so, the sling does not stretch, and it does not lose its stretch ? even if heavier babies are carried for longer periods. Two labels mark the centre of the sling. This makes it much easier for you to find the centre when tying. Both edges have been woven in contrasting colours so that you can find the edges easier when tightening up. The baby sling is cut diagonally/parallel at the ends so that the ends of the sling are easier to knot, making sure that they are not too thick or bulky. A pouch is located at the end of the sling offering space for keys, purses or even tissues. It is 20 x 25 cm, and it is easily closed with 2 practical hook-and-loop fasteners. The natural yarns are dyed before machine weaving (yarn dyeing). Therefore, our colourful but unpretentious designs are truly colour-fast. Thanks to this, our baby slings still look new even after countless washes ? naturally using washing powder without fluorescent whitening agents.
  • La technique de tissage de nos écharpes en jacquard ressemble beaucoup à celle de nos écharpes tissées (sergé croisé).
  • Deux petites étiquettes sont disposées au milieu de l'étoffe. Elles te permettront de trouver plus facilement le milieu de l'étoffe quand tu mettras en œuvre une technique.
  • Nous avons choisi une couleur différente et contrastée pour les ourlets afin que tu les trouves plus facilement lorsque tu souhaiteras tendre ou resserrer l'écharpe.
  • Les écharpes porte-bébés sont coupées parallèlement en oblique de manière à améliorer leur chute une fois nouées et que leurs extrémités ne bouchonnent pas.
  • 100 % coton, dépourvu de substances nocives

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